Sustainable Mobile Solutions

The need for mobile and compact solutions is increasing day by day in our world. Food can be stored anywhere and anytime according to seasonal conditions, slaughtering of animals can be done anywhere and anytime; It is a great advantage that the assembly process is eliminated during the installation.
Thanks to CANTEK's innovative mobile solutions, it is now quite easy to set up cold storage and slaughterhouses. With low investment cost, you can have modern and hygienic, ready-made package facilities quickly and easily wherever you want.

Modular Model

Mobil Soğuk Hava Deposu

This type is designed for the individuals or businesses that either needs the flexibility of a mobile unit for frequent location changes or prefers a permanent installation at a specific spot, aiming to generate income through the sale of meat and by-products obtained from the slaughter process.

On-Wheels Model

Mobil Mezbaha

This type is tailored for individuals or businesses aiming to utilize the unit regularly in various locations with the goal of earning revenue through the provided slaughter service.

Combined Modular Plant

Mobil Soğuk Hava Deposu

The client for this type is any entity seeking efficient, tailored, and hassle-free solutions for their operational requirements.Our modular solution offers a lego brick-like approach, providing clients with ready-to-use plug-and-play modules that save time, money, and eliminate construction issues upon delivery, allowing the client to selectively choose and implement individual functions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and customization.